Snowboarding – simply AWESOME!


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My Hurricane Electric – IPv6 Certified Sage T-Shirt

Just got this by mail today, it’s pretty nice – 100% cotton. Though, I was expecting my name to be printed on it…

While I was taking the course someone there recommended a health supplement to me. She was really raving about it. I’ve gotta say, initially I was not expecting much when I ordered some for myself to try out, but I was happily surprised by the results. It makes you feel energetic you know. The added bonus that I know I’m at least doing something to take care of my health on a daily basis in some way is great to me. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself you can go here to know more.



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Something you don’t want to see when you wake up!

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Corsa 1.2i 1993

Atinge maxim 165 km/h. Asta daca ai cativa km buni de drum drept si nu te plictisesti cu piciorul pe acceleratie.

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Epic Fail! – sau cum sa dai cu nuca in perete…

Situatie simpla: De serviciu in weekend.

Task simplu: HBA Firmware upgrade pe un server pe data de 7.03 la ora 17:00 (se ruleaza un script si atat).. Reboot la server dupa.  Reboot la alte 3 servere intr-o ordine anume.

Dupa o noapte destul de agitata in care tot verificam copierea a 3 TB de pe un disk pe altul ma trezesc dimineata. Ma holbez la telefonul de On Call – nu cumva sa fi ratat vreun apel: Ora 07:00, 07.03.2010. Zic o fuck… repede a mai trecut weeknd-ul (chiar ma miram de ce a fost asa scurt).

Imi petrec ziua destul de sec. Mananc, invat, citesc, ma uit la ceva documentar plictisitor si mai verific din cand in cand copierea datelor.

Ora 16:00. Incerc sa ma conectez pe VPN. Nu merge. Sun grabit la taxi. Ajung la firma. Ma conectez pe server, rulez scriptul, dau reboot la server.  Acum sun persoana de contact care se ocupa de celelalte 3 servere. Dupa ce formez 7 numere reusesc sa dau de el. Imi zice:  ” Ok, I will reboot the servers, just send me the confirmation email.” Trimit mailu-l, ii spun sa dea reply cand e gata. Trec 30 min, apoi 40. Il sun.

Me: Hi, did you reboot the servers?

Him: No, I did not.

Me: Why???? Haven’t you recieved the confirmation email?

Him: Yes’ I did.

Me: So?!?!?!

Him: But there says to reboot the servers on 7th of March at 17:00.

Me: ???? I know that, and now it’s 17:50, and you have not rebooted the servers!?!?!?

Him: But today is the 6th…

Me: … damn…

Si uite asa mi-am facut de lucru pe luni cand va trebui sa dau explicatii…

Macar am aflat ce zi e la timp (nu de alta dar mai am un reboot la 2 servere pe 8)…

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